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Step 1: Find out what you need:

Find out EXACTLY what you need.

Try to design your own system.

Draw My Roof

Step 3: Support every step of the way

  • Order Solar Assessment

    Order solar assessment and discover the savings of doing solar your way.

    Learn More:

    Get started with a Solar Assessment

  • Purchase Self Solar Kit

    Purchase Self Solar Kit and have it shipped directly to your home.
    Self Solar Kit includes:

    • Complete Permit Set
    • All parts needed for your solar system

    Learn More:

    Equipment and Components

  • Virtual Site Visit and Engineering for Permit Set

    You will get a complete permit set ready to be submitted, including:

    • Stamped electrical and structural engineering
    • Roof and electrical plans
    • Equipment specification

    Learn More:

    Equipment FAQ’s

  • Choose Your Install

    There are many ways to install your solar project, including:

    • Contact our professional installers to have it all done for you
    • Install only some parts you’re comfortable with and hire a pro for the rest
    • Do it all yourself

  • Installation

    We provide resources and tools to empower you to install your system your way, including:

    • Tutorials, videos, and installation guides
    • Community Support
    • Preferred Installers

    Learn more

    Hire a Preferred Installer

  • Final Connection

    You’re almost there! At this stage you’ll need to:

    • Have your system inspected
    • Get net meter installed
    • Turn your system on
    • Set up your monitoring

    Learn more

    Final Steps

  • Enjoy the Power of Savings

    Congratulations-you’ve done solar your way! Now you can watch our Self Solar kit produce free
    power from the sun!

Find out what you need.

How many solar panels will fit on your roof? How much solar do you need to offset your current power bill? Let's find out!

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